We bring wine producers closer to local markets
- and local customers closer to great wines

Passion for innovation, new ideas and great wines.
These are just some of the reasons why Globus Wines has become the market leader in the bag-in-box segment in Scandinavia.

As a one-stop supplier, Globus Wine simplifies complex processes by offering customers the opportunity to take product from the vineyard to the retail shelves.

Globus Wine's operations include filling, packaging design and logistics solutions.

State of the Art

A recently acquired filling facility for bottles now meets every requirement from partners - whether the wine must be distributed as bag-in-box or in bottles.

State-of-the-art technical equipment as well as highly trained and motivated staff ensures that Globus Wine meets the highest demands of assurance and quality from our customers.

Globus Wine's customer base includes some of the largest distributors in Scandinavia. Furthermore Globus Wine is fast becoming the supplier of choice in German and Baltic markets.

Some of the world's most significant wine producers now contract Globus Wine to handle complex filling and logistics issues.