Globus Wine


Globus Wine provides bespoke solutions for winemakers and importers who wish to strengthen their position in Europe. We import wine from overseas as well as from the traditional European wine countries. In Denmark we bottle and distribte the final products – primarily for import and distribution throughout Europ.

The company’s management team comprises Jens Voldmester, Henning Andersen, Lars Rasmussen, Frank Pilborg Olesen, Lars Hollesen, Christel Krebs Flyger and David Kowalczyk. Our passion for innovation, quality solutions and good wines are the driving force behind our business model – we always aim to create the exact solution that will be of greatest value to the individual producer or importer.

Adding value through our network

No matter what the customer requires, we deliver the optimal solution.

Uniting producers and consumers

Globus Wine constantly works to bring winemakers closer to the local markets.

Quality process is core business

At its very core, Globus Wine means quality – all the way through the process.


Meet the management team behind Globus Wine.